The Airport


A meeting place where hundreds of souls drift in and out, welcoming tired feet and weary body from long distances. Where warm hugs are given and received, and stories of colourful journeys flow

A farewell place where the promise of a safe return is met with tears and hopefulness. Goodbyes are temporary until the journey takes them home again.

The dizzying merry-go-round of interesting looking parcels calling for their owners. Tall and slender figures impeccably dressed in uniform hurries along. Each one dragging their big lunch boxes on wheels, one wonders where these elegant beings are headed next.

To pass time, a walk towards the shops is both satisfying and dangerous. The commercial pull of goods without tax is enough to make a person spend all their hard earned cash. Beautifully packaged items line the shelves, boasting of good deals to be had – enticing all the senses. Take caution, such excess costs more than a pretty penny.


Amidst the organized chaos, giant metal birds with little glass pinholes and tails, uniquely adorned with bright, eye-catching symbols. Transporting itty bitty lives packed inside rows and rows of semi comfortable reclining seats. Sprinting down colourful runways, these giants allow humans to defy what was once impossible.

Among the crowd, there she stood. An excited observer, taking it all in, mesmerized by the continuous cycle that this place holds. Overhead, a crackly voice breaks her spell, “passengers for flight AF351 Toronto to Paris, please get your boarding passes ready”. The girl quickly grabs her passport and her lover; hand in hand they walk towards the direction of their next adventure.



~A year in Wanderlust 2013~

2013 was a great year. We were blessed with the time and opportunity to travel. Making a flipagram vid about it is def hard, so much pictures to consider over more pictures, I feel like I can keep making videos and still have pics left over. The phrase “pic or it didn’t happen” is my motto. That’s how I like to travel, to capture as much memories as I can, because although the mind is good for remembering memories, we all know that pictures provide that lasting memory we would like to have as we get older and reminisce. Hoping that 2014 will bring us to more beautiful places, cheers!

Click on the link below to view my favorite moments during our travels in 2013!

A Year of Wanderlust