Top Ten reasons (not in specific order) why I fell in love with Seoul:


1) FOOD ~ From streetfood to buffets, cafés and food courts, there are abundant of choices for foodies….samgyeopsal, bibimbap, sundae, odeng, ddeokbokki, seolleongtang, and so much more, to try, Seoul will always keep your taste buds satisfied and your stomachs full.



More sweets from Mango Six Cafe – a delicious mango bingsu! (Shaved ice) and waffles^^

2) SHOPPING ~ Myeongdong, Hongik, Dongdaemun, and Insadong are few of my favorite areas where I saw some great price in clothes that are stylish and are good quality – a visit to Doota mall and Migliore will convert you to shop Korean style clothes in no time.




I believe this was at Myeongdong, an alley full of shops, this is also a great place to get Korean cosmetics as it is filled with various stores dedicated to skin care.

Lotte Fitin department store at Dongdaemun

3) CUTE SOCKS for cheaps!! ~ where else can you find character socks like doraemon or super Mario socks for 1000won (about a dollar)

So much stuff^^ … Can you spy my fave Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun? :p

4) ETuDE HOUSE ~ this pink paradise is home to different kinds of beauty masks and Korean cosmetics – cutely packaged too. Majority of Koreans have beautiful skin, I think it’s because they invest on good skin care products and take good care of themselves.

*image ~ courtesy of google*

5) Cafés ~ tons of cute cafés around Seoul, some have certain concepts to them, some offer more on their menu, all in all a good place to chill and meet up with people.

Passed by this cute cafe on our way up to Namsan tower




I got a prime spot to people watch at this Angel in Us cafe. Perched on the second floor overlooking the busy Hongdae street^^ Sweet morning enjoying this honeybread

6) Hanok Village of Bukchon ~ this place is a reflection of Korea’s traditional past. The dwellings are all preserved in its original design and the place is brimming with culture. I can certainly get lost wandering around its alleys trying to get a peek inside each of the gated houses.





The Hanok, a traditional home recognized by its curvy roof edge. A beautiful and solid structure made of wood, soil, and rocks

7) COUPLE-Y STUFF ~ we found a lot of things/places/activities dedicated to couples and I thought that was so cute (matchy matchy couple clothes, love locks at Namsan tower, love notes at the rooftop of ssamziegil just to name a few) and not embarrassing at all since everyone is doing the same thing!

20140527-031009.jpg<br /
love lock trees at Namsan tower

Closer look at the love lock trees

Found a lock left by a couple which reminded me of my husband and I~ huge spoons! For our love of food^^kkk

More love gestures found at the base of Namsan Tower – you can kinda see an on going theme here that it is a perfect date spot to bring your special someone. Actually we found lots of 100th day anniversary things from local couples celebrating an important milestone in their relationship such as their 100 days of togetherness :>

A beautiful night view of Seoul! Amidst a sea of love locks ❤

A date at Namsan with Do Manager..I wish! lol

Couples have taken to writing on rocks decorating the HK cafe

On the roof top of the Noon Square building, you’ll find this little garden and this charming heart.

In Insadong, there is a place called the wall of love and couples can purchase message tags to write on and add to the hundreds of thousands of tags hanging in the wall. This is us, giving you a dose of cheese^^

We purchased a message tag too, along with some shaved ice! ~ didn’t write on the tag though, I wanted to keep it as a souvenir instead.

This is part of the wall, it extends inside the cute cafe where you can buy sweet desserts.

8) NAMI ISLAND ~ thanks to our wonderful tour guide Andy Kim, we were able to get to this island in the comfort of his van and he toured us all throughout the place with ease and took awesome shots of us as well! He is highly recommended if you decide to book a tour guide by the way. He speaks English really well and he knows all the happening spots in and around Hongdae as a bonus for young travellers so he is a great choice for sure^^
This charming island is definitely a must-do day trip when in Seoul, the beauty of this place lies in its towering tree lined paths, the peacefulness and relaxing vibe of the outdoors paired with biking along the trails… After that, one must try the specialty of Chuncheon which is the Dakgalbi, so delicious.

Welcome to Naminara Republic! Yes folks, they treat it as its own country. You need to first get a visa issued at the gate to the ferry and ride that ferry into the island.

Famous place known for the drama Winter Sonata. The romantic island of Nami is filled with towering tree-lined paths.

It was a slushy and rainy day when we visited Nami, however, it made for some beautiful photographs.

More green picture of Nami island

I’d love to see this island during the winter season when it is blanketed with snow, it is such a pretty place

~Find a beautiful place and get lost~

9) NEVER RUNNING OUT OF THINGS TO DO ~ and that is exactly it. Seoul has lots of things to do and if you truly think you’ve explored Seoul, you have the outer provinces to enjoy, although I doubt you’ll be able to see everything around Seoul if you didn’t spend a significant amount of time there. From hiking up Namsan tower to discovering the folk village in Yongin, to having drunken nights in hongdae or shopping at the fashionable side of Ehwa campus, there are literally so much you can do if you have time.. And extra cash of course lol

At the colorful little village of Petite France.

This place was part of a scene of a popular Korean drama called “My Love from another Star”.

This was inside one of the houses, I was immediately drawn to the replica of the Eiffel Tower as it reminded me our trip to the city of love.

Petite France is located about 20mins. drive from Nami Island. This place is dedicated to St. Exupéry, the author of a famous book, The Little Prince. It is fashioned after a mini French village and although it seems like a huge place to explore, it really isn’t that big.

10) DID I SAY FOOD?? ~ yes I did, but it needs to be said again lol. You will never go hungry waiting for food at any of the restaurants there..guaranteed ~ as there are many side dishes or banchan for free to keep your mouths feasting before the real food comes in. Also, they have a love relationship with fried chicken …and beer^^chimaek loving girl right here! haha so my husband and I really gave this place 100+ points because of this^^.

This is only a small list I had to compile and condense but I could certainly go on.. Maybe on another post! If your travel plans ever takes you to Seoul, be very excited. Seoul is a truly enjoyable city, explored as a couple or with friends, it’s a must-visit destination in my opinion. The people are so friendly, the environment is clean and orderly and the subway system is fantastic… Once you get past the initial confusion at the stations, you will soon be a pro Seoul commuter. You will be amazed at all the places you can reach by subway and by walking. Seoul is an interesting place full of history and tradition mixing in with the hip and vibrant culture of their youth – which blends it together really nicely making this place incredibly unique










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