SnapHappyBunny Eats: Kenko

On a warm Friday eve, my husband and myself went on a dinner date with a lovely couple, K and I. We had resos at this fairly new Japanese restaurant called Kenko which is located at 9543 – 42nd ave. If you are unfamiliar with this restaurant, finding it might be a little difficult if you don’t know where B-Bim-Baab is. Kenko has no outside signage and it shares the space with the Korean restaurant and has its own entrance inside.
Before coming here, I didn’t set any expectations as to the quality of the food and the whole dining experience but after our meal ended, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.
Browsing over the menu, there was just too many interesting rolls we wanted to try, and try we did. Each item we ordered was as tasty as the next, consistent in flavour and packed with different varieties of ingredients and sauces, not one plate was a disappointment. We tried several types of their special rolls, which by the way, came with interesting names (master roll, love love to name a few) but don’t be put off with these as the rolls were outstanding. I got excited each time the server brought over the next order as the plating of the food was done quite well, too pretty to eat I thought, but who am I kidding, it had to be devoured. As for the service, I found that it was a bit slow even though it was a fairly small restaurant with a few tables however, it was quite packed around dinner time. To make up for the slow service, the server (who I thought might have also been the owner), gave us each a free bowl of miso soup at one point and also threw in a free dessert large enough for sharing with the four of us. The price of our meal was not over the top I thought, considering we ordered quite a bit off the menu plus some sake to wash down the delicious food.
Overall, I’d definitely recommend checking out the place. Word of mouth really goes a long way especially for this hidden little gem which deserves to be recognized for its creative and fantastic rolls.
Let me know what you think of this place when you get the chance ^_* Gochisousama deshita!


Excited for the menu.



Agedashi Tofu, their version has a slightly sweet taste to the sauce, it was pretty delicious.


Many choices of special rolls they offer, our group couldn’t just decide on a few, we had to try out a bunch of them^^


The perfectly cut beef tataki, I’ve never seen them served this much at other Japanese restaurants. The ponzu sauce was also poured by the
waitress right on the table, I was told that this keeps the taste fresh. My verdict was that it was quite tasty.


This was the Love Love roll, a slight crunch made this roll pretty good.


This is the TNT roll, my favorite roll out of all the good ones we have tried, we ordered this twice as it was also the favorite in our


This is their version of the Volcano roll, cute how it resembles a mini volcano of oozing goodness, this was slightly spicy for me.


I forgot the name of this roll…sadly


This beautiful creation is the Cherry Blosson, it was really delicious as well, the salmon was fresh and I had a couple of pieces of this.


This was my second favorite, the Mango Fry. I loved the pieces of mango inside the roll, along with the tempura, it was a delight to taste.


This is the Master roll (I was hesitant to order this because of the name I’d have to say to the server lol), the guys like this roll for
the spiciness, the girls, not so much haha


This was a really good dessert, and it was free! it was deep fried bananas in tempura batter with scoops of ice cream (our choice). We picked
the black sesame ice flavor and the red bean flavor. ‘Twas my first time trying out black sesame ice cream and for those who have not tried
this gem, please do so! it was wonderful, some people might be put off with the texture but I didn’t mind the ever so slight, grainy feel in your mouth
as you take in a spoonful, it was honestly delicious!


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