Snap Happy Bunny Decides to Blog

Hello! first of all, thanks for dropping by^^ this is officially the first blog post for me! Yay! I’m excited to share my penchant for travel, food, and fashion on this blog so please follow and let’s share this space shall we? A little bit about myself: I have the occasional wanderlust syndrome which gives me the itch to travel and discover new places (which I’ll now be able to share with you), I am married to a wonderful man (who tolerates my wanderlust syndrome, and enjoys it just as much as I do), I am an active member of the choir for the Church of the Holy Trinity in Edmonton, I have a super cute, furry, four legged baby named Kira (who will make and appearance from time to time in this blog so be excited! lol) and lastly, I am a fledgeling nursing student in her last year of Uni so please be patient with me if I don’t update my blog daily. I’d like to say that I’ll try and post as much as I have time for but I figured I’ll start now because I have some exciting trips I’d ike to blog about for 2014. Ok so here we goooo…

First thoughts?

If you were suddenly gifted with a plane that could take you anywhere, where would you fly to and what would you do with your time?



4 thoughts on “Snap Happy Bunny Decides to Blog

  1. Heya!! Hi there miss Snaphappybunny, its great to see your blog, and thank you for the cool thoughts. If i will be given a chance to travel in one specific place. it would be in Rome, Italy. Vatican City for me is one of the most interesting place. visiting the center of Religious Christianity would be the great starting point for our next journey, to meditate,meeting the head of Roman Catholic Church our Pope Francis,I want to see Him preaching the crowd with gospels,and most of all is giving Praise to Our LORD. I do believe that whatever journey we been through as long as we have God in our Life no need to fear.


    • Hi Roldan! Thank you for sharing your thoughts^^ you’re absolutely right, Rome is a beautiful city filled with so much history. The Vatican is such a special place, there’s a Holy presence that can be felt there and I was in awe when I stood inside the St. Peter’s Basilica and thought about how the Pope and other Popes before him entered this spiritual sanctuary and held mass. Seeing the Sistine Chapel also gave me goosebumps just thinking about the many famous artists that were commissioned to use their talents as part of building the church. I hope you’ll be able to travel to this wonderful place as well, and share your experience with us. I’m cheering for both of us in our walks of faith!


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