My Fertility Journey


For those close to us, you already know the whole journey we had gone through in regards to having a child. You knew it was always something we pursued right from the very beginning but that it just didn’t happen for us as quickly. Now that my husband and I are going through a new journey, I thought I would write about what it has been like for us before we got to this point. I wanted to hopefully share some support and encouragement for those who are feeling let down or needing some hope while they are going through their own difficult journey.

I’ve always pictured myself getting married at 25, having a career before 30 and of course having children right after I got married. However, motherhood has eluded me for the past three years and it has been an emotional roller coaster with how our marriage life had been. Looking back at our journey, I honestly now realized that although it is definitely in God’s plans that I will conceive, at that time, it wasn’t ready to be given to us just yet. That we needed to build our faith first and wait on His plans for us rather than be lead with our own plans and timing.

See I’ve always been amused and somehow secretly detested how couples we know tell us they are waiting at least a year or two before having a child or having their second child and then a year later they have their “perfectly timed” baby. I thought, well at this point I just needed to have one, period! Then they give you the advice, the famous line “in God’s timing you’ll be a mom too!” Or how about the “enjoy it now, you might regret what you wished for since you can’t take them [kids] back later on!” Hearing this I thought, how can I possibly enjoy what I’m going through? If you only knew.

I knew the feeling well, I have gone through that numerous times. The waiting game, the long and arduous wait for that opportune “window” when the possibility of conceiving was high but at the same time still impossibly slim. The crushing disappointment when that dreaded plastic stick reveal only one line and the surging thoughts later that the whole process has to start all over again from the very beginning. I hated everything – the cost of buying the pregnancy kits, the ovulation kits, the painful needles when I had bloodwork, the endless dr’s appointments – they all have been time consuming. At this point I was crying for a miracle!

What also didn’t help was that I was diagnosed in 2012 with a heart shaped uterus (a septate uterus) which meant that instead of a balloon or pear shaped one like normal women, I have a uterus with a partial wall coming down from the top, exactly what a heart looks like. What does this have to do with conceiving for me? In my case, we had no problems conceiving. In fact, every year since 2013 I got pregnant. The issue isn’t on the conceiving part but the keeping it inside part that was challenging. Both years I got pregnant I was heartbroken as the pregnancy never progressed with the last miscarriage just as recent as November of last year. Researching more into the issue I learned that I had a higher chance of miscarriages or what the medical field termed spontaneous abortions as my dr has explained to me that if implantation occurred in the area where the wall was, that there was not enough blood supply to sustain a growing fetus.

I was devastated because this issue was something I can no longer control. I can’t direct where fertilization would take place in my uterus, I can’t drink something to make it go away, and I can’t just go through surgery knowing the risks and issues with scar tissues involved. It was a situation where I was losing hope after my second miscarriage and I was scared to go through that painful and emotional process again yet I still wanted a child so badly. I was beginning to doubt His goodness and His promises. I became someone I said I wouldn’t be. The one who congratulated new moms with enthusiasm but hidden behind that is someone hurt and jealous.

I’ve gone through sleepless nights of questioning myself, my role as a child-bearing woman in this society and not being able to fulfill that role. In all these times, I mostly questioned God, I questioned His plans for me and why I was in such a different and difficult situation with something so easily achieved by most women. In all these times, I could not do anything else at all but to just pray, sincerely and deeply pray.

I did a lot of reflection too. A lot of evaluation as to how my life had been for the past three years of marriage. This process has helped me heal the most because it was then that I saw how God’s hand has blessed my life in other ways which I overlooked, because I was so consumed in trying to have a baby.

Instead, I began to understand, as to why having a baby might not be God’s plan for us at the time.
I was in the middle of my undergrad degree and I was a few steps away from finishing. I realized that although it’s possible to be pregnant and graduate, that it was a difficult thing to do and I salute those that persevered and finished. The length of time also led me to evaluate my habits, my choices, and my routines and they spoke to me of someone who was not matured yet to take on a bigger, and more permanent role of being a mother. I was hesitant to give up my “me time”, for the moments when I can sleep in freely and stay up without worrying about another human being to take care of. I enjoyed having moments that I can schedule myself with other people and not be tied up with a little one. I especially loved the unplanned moments that my husband and I can take off for a long period of time and enjoy each other’s undivided attention. I realized that even if God really wanted us to have a baby back then, that I was probably unconsciously refusing Him and telling Him I wasn’t ready even if I thought I was.

It was like saying to Him “God please make me a mother but I still want to be able to do the things I want to do”. I realized it would not have been a fair life for a baby who would want 100% of its mother. I realized that God had to let me and my husband mature first because we are not ready to handle such a big role or maybe He was only testing us on what we need to give up first in order to receive a more greater pleasure of raising a child together compared to the moments of just us which we already thought were the best.

Finally, after our long and painful wait, and during the most unexpected moment of our marriage life, God finally said “you guys are ready”. As you can see, I am now 27 weeks pregnant and praise be to Him, I am doing well with this pregnancy and this baby is doing fantastic.

The intricate process of conception and birth astounds me. From a medical perspective, it’s amazing how single tiny cells can multiply rapidly and form another human being, a being who will have their own capabilities to think, make changes in this world and continue a generation. From a spiritual point of view, these tiny cells were programmed no doubt, designed with a greater purpose in mind, to form and magnify the splendid works of our creator. That is why they call it the miracle of birth. The way a woman’s body just knows how to adjust to another living being growing rapidly inside her. At times I still catch myself finding it hard to believe that I got a beautiful life taking shelter inside this broken body. This fulfilled promised has made us more closer as husband and wife and our faith in Him has increased exponentially. God really was working on His own time, never late but just perfect. My husband has been working out of town for six years and when his work ended, he has been back here since this pregnancy started. He has been my biggest help and supporter and I think that was also one of the reasons why God has made us wait for this blessing was because He wanted us to decide together that instead of sacrificing a relationship with distances apart, that we must raise this baby together as what He has purposed for us to do. I also finished my degree this past December and therefore I was no longer as stressed and in the end I realized that God fulfilled everything I had asked of Him. I just needed to wait patiently, to allow Him to take me to the depths of my despair and to keep following Him because He has carried me and my family into this beautiful path that we are now walking in. So if you are in that season of difficulty in your life and are waiting for your answered prayer, I’ve always thought back to what the leaders of the church have reminded us. That God’s delay in answering prayers does not always means no, that it is always yes and amen if it is according to His will. And that He is teaching us to fight a spiritual battle of doubt and hopelessness and to persevere because what He has planned for us is greater than what we thought for ourselves. He has already scripted a perfect ending for each of us, all of this will be revealed if we have faith and not grow weary.


The Airport


A meeting place where hundreds of souls drift in and out, welcoming tired feet and weary body from long distances. Where warm hugs are given and received, and stories of colourful journeys flow

A farewell place where the promise of a safe return is met with tears and hopefulness. Goodbyes are temporary until the journey takes them home again.

The dizzying merry-go-round of interesting looking parcels calling for their owners. Tall and slender figures impeccably dressed in uniform hurries along. Each one dragging their big lunch boxes on wheels, one wonders where these elegant beings are headed next.

To pass time, a walk towards the shops is both satisfying and dangerous. The commercial pull of goods without tax is enough to make a person spend all their hard earned cash. Beautifully packaged items line the shelves, boasting of good deals to be had – enticing all the senses. Take caution, such excess costs more than a pretty penny.


Amidst the organized chaos, giant metal birds with little glass pinholes and tails, uniquely adorned with bright, eye-catching symbols. Transporting itty bitty lives packed inside rows and rows of semi comfortable reclining seats. Sprinting down colourful runways, these giants allow humans to defy what was once impossible.

Among the crowd, there she stood. An excited observer, taking it all in, mesmerized by the continuous cycle that this place holds. Overhead, a crackly voice breaks her spell, “passengers for flight AF351 Toronto to Paris, please get your boarding passes ready”. The girl quickly grabs her passport and her lover; hand in hand they walk towards the direction of their next adventure.


Snap Happy Bunny Eats: Under the High Wheel


Now that I’ve baited you in with that delicious looking plate as the cover pic, do keep reading on^^ you might just find your next favorite spot.

I have a hunch that after this article is published on the blog, some people might get mad at me for divulging this gem of a place. Sorry introverts and foodies, your secret is now out. I’ve stumbled on this cozy café/bistro on my hunt for new places to explore in YEG. Let’s face it, livin in this city for a while, you need to branch out of the usual eating spots to add colour in your life amiright? I don’t know about you but I get excited scrolling through the #yegfoodie, #yegfood or even #gastropostyeg pages on IG just so I can get my fill on new places popping up around YEG. I’m kind of slow on the loop here so I’m not really sure how long this place has been operating but my guess is not that long. I’m talking about Under the High Wheel, yep, even the name sounds a bit weird. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like that inside. In fact, the interior of the place is very warm and inviting with wood accents and earth tones throughout. The decorations aren’t outlandish.. except for maybe that huge old-fashioned bicycle hanging on the wall, hence the name I suppose, nonetheless; I was sold!


This noshery and catering establishment shares a space with D’Capo cafe and gelato. Just a quick tip, the entrance is shared with Da Capo Caffe so don’t be confused like I did and circle all around the building trying to find the door that says Under the High wheel! I was there to meet J before the lunch rush and the place was practically empty.


This is us harassing the waitress to snap our picture.


Since it wasn’t busy we placed our orders right away and was served in no time. I ordered the chai latte to drink …this is one of the best chai I have consumed thus far. I love the balance of the creamy and spicy flavours in the drink, just a touch sweet but I love my drinks on the diabeetus side.


J ordered a latte I believe, but a taste of my drink had her asking the waitress if she could do a switch…no luck though 😦 she just had to unfortunately ogle mine as I happily sipped all that goodness 🙂 (next time J, you know what to get!)


The menu was not as extensive for the breakfast portion, but there was lots of choices for lunch and even a good selection of dinner eats. I saw the words crepés on the menu and the hardest choice was picking sweet over the savoury kind. I went for the crepés beautifully dressed in chocolate and coffee sauce and loaded with a mélange of fruits… Yeap, me, and my diabeetus choices. My logic told me to go for the buckwheat crepés rather than the plain white one for some added health benefits….


The dish was not overwhelmingly sweet as I thought initially and was quite good. The fruits, mainly different berries, were refreshing. Even though most fruits right now aren’t in season, these babies didn’t really have that tart or sour taste. The part that I had a bit of an issue was the firmer texture of the buckwheat crepés. I was hoping fluffy and soft but it took a couple times with my fork trying to cut a piece of the crepés. J ordered savoury crepés and she said the dish was delicious as well. 10/10 for us, yay! I’d definitely go back for a second round…. I needed to try that Belgian waffle on the menu after all^^ thanks Under the High Wheel, you did not disappoint \(^_^)/


Overall, the experience was great and I can’t wait to bring the other girls here for brunch on Saturday 🙂 We wrapped up our girl talk and stuffed the last bites of our crepés happily and headed to our appointments. As I was still early for my appointment, I decided to walk around Whyte to waste some time. I was amazed at how different it looks in the day time as in the evening when the party crowds mingle the streets. I realized I needed to do this more often as I saw some quaint little stores to explore. So come join me next time then! Ciao!


The Last Five Minutes


That remaining five minutes on the treadmill is always the most excruciating for me. I push myself to keep running, my heart beating so fast I can’t keep up, my lungs in the verge of bursting. I remind myself as I glance at the machine’s display that “it’s the last five minutes, you’ve been at this for the past forty-five minutes you can certainly finish the rest”, but then I look back at the time display and only 30secs have passed. Quickly, agony comes and I think, why am I torturing myself like this? Why can’t I just stop this dreaded machine instead of letting it run me down? Just push the stop button, it’ll all be over.

My eyes shift towards a picture of a fit model doing some squats and I remove my hand from the stop button. Maybe this is why I keep a fitness magazine beside me when I run. Distract myself, keep going, keep pushing. Meanwhile, my legs feel like they weigh a hundred pounds each. While this battle in my head is going on you’d think five minutes have passed…wrong, it’s only been two mins T_T I die a little more inside.

This have always been the case with me and running in the treadmill. It’s a love-hate relationship with a machine that tortures me so and yet allows me to consume as much food as I want as long as I don’t forget to get back on.

So what do I do to get out of such a dire situation? I’ve found myself an effective distraction method

Let’s see: in the mornings where I’ve hit the snooze button one too many times and am running late, I take the fastest shower I never think possible-five minutes. Some nights I like to glam myself up a bit more, I put on false eyelashes and by the time I’ve run out of patience and have grown frustrated, the lashes are perfectly in place and five minutes have passed. On a good morning, my coffee run usually takes me five fantastic minutes in the drive through. Scrolling through my newsfeed takes five minutes (sadly, even more so than that sometimes), heating up my car takes five minutes. Doing the dishes I’ve left in the sink for a week takes me a measly five minutes. By the time you finish reading this article it will probably be about five mins. of your time (thank you very much btw^^) In fact, while I kept doing this I found a lot of things that I normally do which takes me five minutes.

Next thing I know, the beeping of the machine distracts my thoughts. I look at the display and that’s it, the last five minutes are over. I slowly pick up my tired, wobbly legs and I make my way into the nearest bench I can find to collapse in. Once again, I survived another battle with the treadmill.

On to reflection, If I had given up in that last five minutes, I would have defeated myself out of the wonderful feeling of overcoming something difficult and gaining a sense of strength from that (not forgetting about losing those extra calories of course). If I had given up in that last five minutes, the next time I face the machine again, I might just give up after fifteen minutes. It will only get easier for me, easier to give up on the most difficult things just because it doesn’t feel comfortable, because it is easy to abandon and pick up next time. If this attitude continue to convey in how I live my life, what would life be like? Sometimes, it takes that last five minutes.

You are stronger than you think my dear ❤

2014 in review


Because we are all about finding out how we have progressed from year to year. Here is my first ever summary for this first ever blog. Have to admit, it’s been a while since my last blog, but the reasons for that you’ll have to read on the next one coming shortly.

*drumroll please*

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 930 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 16 trips to carry that many people.

Top Ten reasons (not in specific order) why I fell in love with Seoul:


1) FOOD ~ From streetfood to buffets, cafés and food courts, there are abundant of choices for foodies….samgyeopsal, bibimbap, sundae, odeng, ddeokbokki, seolleongtang, and so much more, to try, Seoul will always keep your taste buds satisfied and your stomachs full.



More sweets from Mango Six Cafe – a delicious mango bingsu! (Shaved ice) and waffles^^

2) SHOPPING ~ Myeongdong, Hongik, Dongdaemun, and Insadong are few of my favorite areas where I saw some great price in clothes that are stylish and are good quality – a visit to Doota mall and Migliore will convert you to shop Korean style clothes in no time.




I believe this was at Myeongdong, an alley full of shops, this is also a great place to get Korean cosmetics as it is filled with various stores dedicated to skin care.

Lotte Fitin department store at Dongdaemun

3) CUTE SOCKS for cheaps!! ~ where else can you find character socks like doraemon or super Mario socks for 1000won (about a dollar)

So much stuff^^ … Can you spy my fave Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun? :p

4) ETuDE HOUSE ~ this pink paradise is home to different kinds of beauty masks and Korean cosmetics – cutely packaged too. Majority of Koreans have beautiful skin, I think it’s because they invest on good skin care products and take good care of themselves.

*image ~ courtesy of google*

5) Cafés ~ tons of cute cafés around Seoul, some have certain concepts to them, some offer more on their menu, all in all a good place to chill and meet up with people.

Passed by this cute cafe on our way up to Namsan tower




I got a prime spot to people watch at this Angel in Us cafe. Perched on the second floor overlooking the busy Hongdae street^^ Sweet morning enjoying this honeybread

6) Hanok Village of Bukchon ~ this place is a reflection of Korea’s traditional past. The dwellings are all preserved in its original design and the place is brimming with culture. I can certainly get lost wandering around its alleys trying to get a peek inside each of the gated houses.





The Hanok, a traditional home recognized by its curvy roof edge. A beautiful and solid structure made of wood, soil, and rocks

7) COUPLE-Y STUFF ~ we found a lot of things/places/activities dedicated to couples and I thought that was so cute (matchy matchy couple clothes, love locks at Namsan tower, love notes at the rooftop of ssamziegil just to name a few) and not embarrassing at all since everyone is doing the same thing!

20140527-031009.jpg<br /
love lock trees at Namsan tower

Closer look at the love lock trees

Found a lock left by a couple which reminded me of my husband and I~ huge spoons! For our love of food^^kkk

More love gestures found at the base of Namsan Tower – you can kinda see an on going theme here that it is a perfect date spot to bring your special someone. Actually we found lots of 100th day anniversary things from local couples celebrating an important milestone in their relationship such as their 100 days of togetherness :>

A beautiful night view of Seoul! Amidst a sea of love locks ❤

A date at Namsan with Do Manager..I wish! lol

Couples have taken to writing on rocks decorating the HK cafe

On the roof top of the Noon Square building, you’ll find this little garden and this charming heart.

In Insadong, there is a place called the wall of love and couples can purchase message tags to write on and add to the hundreds of thousands of tags hanging in the wall. This is us, giving you a dose of cheese^^

We purchased a message tag too, along with some shaved ice! ~ didn’t write on the tag though, I wanted to keep it as a souvenir instead.

This is part of the wall, it extends inside the cute cafe where you can buy sweet desserts.

8) NAMI ISLAND ~ thanks to our wonderful tour guide Andy Kim, we were able to get to this island in the comfort of his van and he toured us all throughout the place with ease and took awesome shots of us as well! He is highly recommended if you decide to book a tour guide by the way. He speaks English really well and he knows all the happening spots in and around Hongdae as a bonus for young travellers so he is a great choice for sure^^
This charming island is definitely a must-do day trip when in Seoul, the beauty of this place lies in its towering tree lined paths, the peacefulness and relaxing vibe of the outdoors paired with biking along the trails… After that, one must try the specialty of Chuncheon which is the Dakgalbi, so delicious.

Welcome to Naminara Republic! Yes folks, they treat it as its own country. You need to first get a visa issued at the gate to the ferry and ride that ferry into the island.

Famous place known for the drama Winter Sonata. The romantic island of Nami is filled with towering tree-lined paths.

It was a slushy and rainy day when we visited Nami, however, it made for some beautiful photographs.

More green picture of Nami island

I’d love to see this island during the winter season when it is blanketed with snow, it is such a pretty place

~Find a beautiful place and get lost~

9) NEVER RUNNING OUT OF THINGS TO DO ~ and that is exactly it. Seoul has lots of things to do and if you truly think you’ve explored Seoul, you have the outer provinces to enjoy, although I doubt you’ll be able to see everything around Seoul if you didn’t spend a significant amount of time there. From hiking up Namsan tower to discovering the folk village in Yongin, to having drunken nights in hongdae or shopping at the fashionable side of Ehwa campus, there are literally so much you can do if you have time.. And extra cash of course lol

At the colorful little village of Petite France.

This place was part of a scene of a popular Korean drama called “My Love from another Star”.

This was inside one of the houses, I was immediately drawn to the replica of the Eiffel Tower as it reminded me our trip to the city of love.

Petite France is located about 20mins. drive from Nami Island. This place is dedicated to St. Exupéry, the author of a famous book, The Little Prince. It is fashioned after a mini French village and although it seems like a huge place to explore, it really isn’t that big.

10) DID I SAY FOOD?? ~ yes I did, but it needs to be said again lol. You will never go hungry waiting for food at any of the restaurants there..guaranteed ~ as there are many side dishes or banchan for free to keep your mouths feasting before the real food comes in. Also, they have a love relationship with fried chicken …and beer^^chimaek loving girl right here! haha so my husband and I really gave this place 100+ points because of this^^.

This is only a small list I had to compile and condense but I could certainly go on.. Maybe on another post! If your travel plans ever takes you to Seoul, be very excited. Seoul is a truly enjoyable city, explored as a couple or with friends, it’s a must-visit destination in my opinion. The people are so friendly, the environment is clean and orderly and the subway system is fantastic… Once you get past the initial confusion at the stations, you will soon be a pro Seoul commuter. You will be amazed at all the places you can reach by subway and by walking. Seoul is an interesting place full of history and tradition mixing in with the hip and vibrant culture of their youth – which blends it together really nicely making this place incredibly unique









Gets Easier Everyday

I guess I should post an update regarding my deactivation of Facebook. It’s been about….. Drumroll……


Yes, THAT long! Hurrah!
This to me means I’ve reached another level. If you seem confused, refer back to my post back in Feb. and you’ll know why I’m this excited about it. Just like progress pics, I feel proud of being able to let go of this one addiction of mine, and feel happy that I can overcome such a feat. Trust, if you constantly log onto fb, you’ll know how hard it is to give up. It’s difficult for me to have discipline I’ll tell you now, but I just thought I’d try it for the months I’m in school and since it’s my last year in Uni, I needed to be even more focused. Yes, I can tell you how disconnected you’ll feel without knowing what’s going on with people most of the time, but you can reach out in other ways and it will give you more chances to schedule a coffee date rather than catch up thru fb. Yes, I can tell you how difficult it was trying to stop yourself from habitually reaching for your phone to look at your newsfeed, but you will find that it’s just as easy to find news online and have extra time in between spent doing things with value rather than mindlessly scrolling which I tend to do. Overall, it gets easier once you get through the first week hmmm maybe the second week… eventually it does and then you’ll thank yourself ❤


Join me in my excitement as I countdown for our Asia Trip! For sure you'll see more post about travel rather than food all the time hehe



If you’ve given up Facebook (even temporarily like me) and can relate to this, I’d like to hear your thoughts about it.
What’s one thing that you had to give up that was difficult for you? How did you manage that? Any tips you’d like to share?

SnapHappyBunny Cooks: Egg Tarts


I know what you’re thinking, she must love her eggs! With back to back posting of a recipe with eggs, you’re either a fan of eggs or you’ve just discovered its usefulness. Actually, I’ve baked this a while ago and has just caught a little bit time to post the ingredients. I don’t make this often just because… Well you’ll see why as you scroll down to the ingredients^^ not exactly the clean or healthy eats because of all the yolk you have to use… (but it has to be said, it’s uber tasty and creamy, you’ll crave for them once in a while!)


Makes 60 little tarts

•2 package of sweetened tart shells (if you can bake tart shells from scratch, go for it!
•1 dozen egg yolk (that’s right, you only need your yolks so hang on to those whites for a future merengue or macaron project)
•1 can of evaporated milk
•1 can of condensed milk
•1/2 cup of regular 2% or whatever cold milk you have in the fridge
•1/4 sugar

How To:

•In a large bowl, crack eggs and separate the yolks (yolk separating skills will come handy here)


•add your can of evap


•add your can of condensed milk


•Add your milk
•Add your sugar


•stir your ingredients, getting it as smooth as you can (makes for a less lumpy tarts) – if you have a mixer or a whisk, you can certainly use it



•Pre-heat oven to 375F and keep it at that temp


•while that’s pre-heating, scoop up your mixture into the tart shells, being careful not to overflow the shells


•pop that goodness into the oven, set it and forget it.. Just kidding, you leave it for about 20-25 mins depending on your oven’s heat setting (best way to know is when the edges of your shells have turned golden brown and if you do the tried and true – stick-a-toothpick-see-if-it-comes-out-clean-method)



…voilá it’s all ready to be devoured! …and shared of course! You don’t want all that good stuff to yourself^^


Don’t blame me if you get addicted to this simple but delish recipe! Let me know your thoughts if you’d like to try this too or have a more healthier version of it I can try too ^_*

SnapHappyBunny Cooks: Eggs Baked in Avocado

Being such a versatile fruit, another way to eat your Avocados is by combining it with eggs and baking it! Yes, it does not sound very matchy but trust, it’s super delish (and is a good quick breakfast or even a pre workout meal). Recipe is super simple and before I forget, I was inspired by for the recipe.



•Chives/green onions
•Pepper or a pinch of cayenne pepper spice
•A little bit of sundried tomato pesto (optional)

•Turn on oven to 400-425F (preheat)
•slice avos in half, removing the pit, scoop out about a third of the flesh at the top to make room for the egg
•crack eggs into the hole you’ve made (you can only fit an egg per half of avocado and it might even overflow if you didn’t scoop deep enough or if you’re using those jumbo eggs)
•put them in a baking dish/pan and bake it in for about 20 min (depending on your oven’s heat) – you’ll know it’s done when the egg whites lose it’s translucent color and have turned white!
•don’t remove them just yet, sprinkle your chives and spices on top (I’ve seen others add cheese on this so you can definitely make it your own). Bake for another 5 min and remove to cool a bit.
•I ate mine with a tiny spoon of pesto and it just gave a fantastic flavour to it, I’ll for sure try other things to garnish this with but keep in mind, if you wanted a healthy alternative, you can definitely stick to the basic and not add so much. One avocado filled me up pretty good, good enough to tide me over till din time ^^

Comment below on how it turned our for you or if you’ve tried this recipe with your twist on it ^_*


Disconnected from the World


I know, it sounds pretty serious and maybe even an exaggeration from me but, that is exactly how I felt today. Seven years of constant Facebook use does that to you. I had to do the unthinkable and deactivate my page..temporarily, so that I can focus on this last theory semester of my degree. I didn’t exactly cut off all forms of social media as I kept my IG and of course I’m still running this blog, but I felt I had to cut off an important piece of my life in order to get back MY life. Today is the first of many days to come bearing withdrawal feels. I didn’t realize I constantly access FB as much and had become a staple of my everyday routine: wake up in the am- Facebook before getting out of bed, get ready and dressed-quick scroll on fb to see what’s happening, warm up the car before leaving for school-open fb again to post a status… now imagine this routine doubles as the day unfolds and multiply that by 365 days of each year I’ve been a member, and if FB charged a user a fee per access, I would go broke trying to fund this insane addiction. These unconscious habits were a huge part of my life and I feel sad to admit, I painfully miss the feel of scrolling that news feed and knowing what’s going on with the people I know and love. Today, I caught myself reaching for my phone multiple times unconsciously and was about to open the app (which I deleted by the way) and as soon as I realized, I immediately placed my phone back in my bag and refocused (you know you’re addicted when…lol). It sounds ridiculous but I did feel cut off, I thought I wasn’t going to last a full day without it (especially since I have used it everyday for 7years), but I was surprised at myself to have lasted a day without giving in and re-downloading the app. I know, it’s too early to talk, but I am confident that when I slowly fill my day with all the things I have to do for school and distract myself with the tangible and fun things around me, I will slowly get over that habit which had unconsciously taken over my life. One thing I realized right away as soon as I deactivated my page though… I had all this time, so much time, for myself and everything else I needed to do today and I was able to do them all.

Parting Thoughts:

Have you or do you know someone who is as obsessed with Facebook like I was? And did they try to kick this habit and succeed or not? Let me know in the comments below^^